Thursday, September 6, 2007

Santa Barbara love

This blog entry I am titling the same as my Mama's entry (seen here) on Santa Barbara, because we both love Santa Barbara. I didn't think I would be able to travel so soon after our big trip to England, but then again, I am a travel doll! J

My little family (I am the only child remember) left on Saturday morning to Santa Barbara because my Mama had a cousin getting married there, and she was going to do a story on the Chanel Islands National Park.

We got there around noon and went straight to the Chanel Islands visitor center where we saw some tide pools, a model of an elephant seal, and we looked through a telescope towards the islands. These islands are only about 15 miles off the coast of California, but are undeveloped, and have lots of unique animal species.

After seeing the visitors center, we headed to the beach. I love the beach. The water was colder here than on New York beaches, and that is because California isn't along the gulf stream that keeps the east coast waters warm (I had to do a California report for school before we left, so I learned that!).

Once at the beach, we swam, looked for shells, relaxed in the sun, and collected seaweed. I found six different types of seaweed on just one beach, and now Daddy says I need to do a seaweed report for school.

Before we left California we did another special thing, visit the original Queen Mary. This was really fun because we just sailed on the Queen Mary 2. The original ship was built in 1936, but was soon turned into a troop ship for WWII. Once the war ended they turned it back into a passenger ship until she retired in the 1970s.

The ship was really big, but really small compared to the new Queen Mary. I felt so special to be able to see both ships, not many travels dolls are so lucky!

On the way out I noticed something, a Russian Submarine docked next to the ship, and of course I thought of Inky, my Russian friend. Inside the gift shop there were lots of communist gifts, and Lenin items, boy would Inky be crazy about this place! Maybe one day, I can go there with her, and show her around.

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Colette D. said...

Привет Виолетка! Hi Violet!

Your trip sounds (and looks) like it was fantastic. Nice t-shirt, by the way! Remember when that t-shirt vendor made us sit with that old bear doll?

You are so lucky to see a real Russian submarine! I am so excited that you sent me a present. You have to watch the mail too, because I am sending you something.