Monday, October 22, 2007

Table Hockey, Bears, Butterflies and Dog Math

Bonjour from Canada!

We have been having MORE awesome weather. Every morning I love looking at the super bright yellow pansies in the clay pots in the front garden when everything else is covered in frost.

Kate and I have been working on some projects together for school. It's really nice to have someone to giggle with while I'm getting school stuff done too. My favorite this past week was visiting Oliver and Jasper's house for the Pet Project. They were really good sports and let us measure their heights and lengths (we decided NOT to count the tail because Jasper's is really long and Olly's is stubby.

Then we went shopping at Costco to check out dog food prices for our report. Wow, their stores are really FUN. I got to ride a pony and play table HOCKEY which I am totally obsessed with now. I played on an official TEAM CANADA game and I scored goal after goal. It was so funny when one of my goal pucks went flying out of the goal net and across the aisles into a big plushy display in the toy section. I met Shrek when he helped me find the missing puck.

Then I saw this really SWEET pony and was able to have a ride, but not bring the pony home. Kate explained that there was no room in the van. I was a little sad but I got over it, when I learned I was going back to the Zoo because I'd hardly seen any of it really. So, this time we saw some beautiful butterflies, a burrowing owl, a great owl, an elk, a muskox, bighorn sheep babies, and oh, gosh, I got to ride a bear, and it was all just amazing.

Oh ya, and then Kate and I found this waaay cool microscope that was so powerful. I have to find out if it was a laser or an electron microscope, but anyway, it had all these cool slides related to the Canadian Wilderness area, like quills and plants and stuff. So, after we looked at those, we got kind of goofy, and I discovered I could fit under the microscope and it would show ME up on the big flat monitor on the wall. It was SO FUNNY so Kate's Mom took a picture of my smile so I could see it. We laughed and laughed. We were there for HOURS and we realized we were all really hungry so we had to leave.

And on the way out, guess who was there? MALTI came out again, and holy cow, she is growing so fast. She spotted me out of a huge crowd and came over and tickled us with her adorable little trunk. We LOVE Malti. On the way home we went to Mickey-D's for ice-cream and we decided we would go to the little greenhouse and pick out some pumpkins for the porch. I had to get Kate's dad to carry mine home for me though. If you want to see the rest of the pictures, here you go:

Well, au revoir mes amis! J'taime


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Hot Hot JJ said...

Violet, your lips look huge under the microscope! Ahhh!! Too cute!