Sunday, July 13, 2008

Picnic with Sophia and Abygale

Yesterday I went over to Grandma's and had the most fun! Sophia and Abygale were there, and we always love to play and explore. Grandma lives near the woods where there is lots of ivy and birds, so before dinner we explored. Sophia lead the way, because she wanted to show us her favorite trail.

Sophia is so funny, she kept making bird calls trying to call the pretty birds closer, but they kept getting more and more scared, and they all few away. We even tried to call a bear, but either we didn't have the right call, or there are no bears in Grandma's backyard.

Once we were done exploring we sat down to a summer picnic! We made root beer floats and had grilled shrimp shiskabobs. Yummy! The entire time we ate we talked about our new favorite movie - Kit Kittredge, an American Girl!


Jelly said...

Hi girls! Very cute pics.

Inky said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! I like the skewers you made. Someday, I will take you out for real shashlik, aka lamb kabobs.

I miss you so much!