Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Susie Visits me and Inky in NYC

Forty Three

Hi everyone! I'm having a lovely time spending with Inky's family in New York City. In fact, I haven't been the only visitor. Last week, my friend Susie came down to New York from New Hampshire to visit us. We had a great day at the Bronx Zoo and Lincoln Center seeing the New York City Ballet. Here's Inky's album, check it out!


Hot Hot JJ said...

What a beautiful dress and location! I'm off to look at the album. Missing my girl, but happy she's having such fun!


Sophie Amélie said...

Violet, you look so beautiful in that dress!
I sort of wish there'd been room enough for me to go into the city with Susie so I could see you again, but ah well. Maybe we'll meet again someday.


AG Crazy said...

Where did u get that dress Violet?

Anonymous said...

hey Violet, I would like you to update your blog because it hasn't been renewed for a while