Thursday, August 2, 2007

Queen Mary 2

Tonight, tonight, tonight we leave! I don't usually get to stay up late, but tonight at midnight we start our trip. My Mama, Daddy and I are traveling on the Queen Mary 2 across the ocean to England. We will be gone for two weeks!

I am very very excited about England, I have never been.

I am also very excited to sail on the Queen Mary 2, it is a huge ship, larger than the Titanic. Daddy has always loved ocean liners, and this is a dream come true for him.

Here is a picture showing the Queen Mary 2 compared to the Titanic (the Titanic is black, the QM2 is white). Big huh?

I will post all about my trip once I return, until then, Bon Voyage!


Anya said...

Hi Violet! You don't know me, but your AG siblings know me as Ruthie and even some of mine know you from your visit here, but this is Anya. I just wanted to say that you are so LUCKY! I love traveling, and I was fortunate to visit England as well, but never on the Queen Mary 2! One of my other passions is the Titanic, and I would love to go on a ship even bigger than it.

Amy (KFJAVKMD8 on agplaythings) said...

Whoa. The QM2 (that sounds sort of like HM2 lol) would fit like 1,000 cars inside it. :-O