Monday, August 27, 2007

Three new things

Oh my life has been exciting lately. Usually when I get home from a big trip like England things slow down for awhile, but there are three new things that are happening.

First, Mama finally let me get my ears pierced, which really isn’t fair, because she got her own ears pierced when she was only two years old. I’ve been begging Mama for ages to let me get my ears pierced, and she finally agreed! She said that when I travel though, I shouldn’t wear earrings, I agreed, so that was a good compromise.

So, I chose pink earrings, and in two weeks I can change them. I didn’t cry when they shot the earring through my ear, but I cried a little later because my ear lobes got sore. But now my ears feel perfect, and my pink earrings look so pretty!

Second new thing, I started ballet lessons!! My friend Inky knew I wanted to go to ballet class, so she sent me my new practice outfit. I’m not very good, but one day I hope to be. I’m in level two with nine other ten and eleven year olds. Even my cousin Sadie is in my class! Abygael, my other cousin is already in level seven.

And the last new thing I saved to the end, because it is the best. I got a computer of my own today! It is a laptop that Mama bought from one of her friends named Wendy. Wendy lives in California and she knew we were looking for a laptop, and she told us we could buy it. Anyway, today it came, and it is sooooo cool and perfect! Thank you Wendy!! It is light blue and has all my programs on it. We bought it so that I could work on my home schooling when I travel. So, right now the classes I’m working on for school are French, Math, History, Science and reading. When I get on my laptop I can work on typing too.

Daddy didn’t want to install any games on my computer because it is suppose to be for learning, but I convinced him to load Rollercoaster Tycoon, because then I learn to run a business! So finally he decided to load that game, if I promised not to play it if I had schoolwork to do.

So, now my days are busy. I have to do a lot of schoolwork during the day, and then I have ballet practice on Tuesday nights and I’ll be busy playing Rollercoaster Tycoon on my very own computer!


Anonymous said...

Please remember to do all of your school work before any games, that was our deal.

But, if later you want some help with Rollercoater Tycoon, I'll be glad to show you the coolest rides.


Jelly said...

First off, you'd better hope that David doesn't see that comment. hehe!!!
Second, Sadie is SO excited for Violet to be in her class.
Third, now Sadie and Jess want their ears pierced, but Sophia is afraid that it will hurt.
Fourth, you know we all love RollerCoaster Tycoon. Don't let my girls find out or I'll never see them!

Amy (KFJAVKMD8 on agplaythings) said...

Ooh, Kewl your homeschooled, Vi! I am too. :D :D