Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It feels so good to be home

It feels really great to be home. Canada with Kate was so fun! I'm going to miss her girls so much and the beautiful Calgary weather we had. I will also miss the baby elephant Malti.

But, I have to say it feels GOOD to be home! I was in my travel box for a eight days! Mama says I'm a real girl, but then why do I have to travel in a box? Other girls travel in planes and cars. Mama reminded me I travel that way too sometimes.

Anyway, Kate sent me home with some of the best gifts, pins for my collection, my angel costume, stickers, maps, a new bracelet, and more. I love everything so much.

When I got home Mama had some surprises for me too! New PJs for winter nights and a bedroom - yes, I repeat - my own room!!!!! It is sooooo perfect! I've been begging my parents for ages for my own room, and they decided to set one up while I was away. What a great homecoming gift!

Mama took a video of my surprise when I first saw my new room, she says maybe this weekend we can upload the video to my blog.

Right now I'm sitting in my new room in my new cozy PJs playing on my laptop. I'm checking Inky's blog and Nora's blog (did you know Nora was here while I was gone?) and I am updating my blog. Pretty soon I'm going to head up to Kit's room and ask her how things have been here in Utah.

Here it is, my own room!


Colette D. said...

Violence! Your room is so cool! You and Yevka have the same bed. I like that you have your Miffy and your cross-dressing Cheburashka!

You are so lucky to have a laptop. I've been asking for one for AGES, but Colette keeps losing on ebay. Stinkbugs.


Violet said...

Yep! It is true, I love cross-dressing Cheburashka! I will keep my eyes open for a laptop, because that would be so cool if you had one!

Mims said...

Luv your room!!