Monday, April 28, 2008

Inky is still here, and we are having so much fun!

Inky's Mama is probably wondering why I haven't updated my blog, and why Inky hasn't updated hers, it is because we have been too busy having fun!

We've done so much over the last week, it is hard to remember everything, but I'll try-
  • We went to the Clark Planetarium and Inky taught me all about Venus, Yuri Gagarin and the space race in the 19060s. Inky is so smart when it comes to outer space.
  • We saw a show called Human Body at the planetarium, in was on Imax, which was so cool!
  • We explored the woods near Grandma's house, and we played lost girls, my favorite game
  • We went to the doll show and tea downtown. Inky loves the Beehive Tearoom, and we both ordered violet tea, yum!
  • I completed a new Girl Scout badge, I needed to give a tour in a place of interest to someone that didn't live here. Perfect! Inky doesn't live here, so we went down to Temple Square and saw 16 brides and lots and lots of flowers. We pretended the temple was a castle.
  • We took a tour of historic Hotel Utah.
  • Inky has been helping me with my Russian ever day, and I'm getting really really good. Lei Mei has been playing with us, and she is teaching Inky some Chinese.
  • We've watched three movies, a Russian one of Inky's that is really funny, Secret Garden, and a documentary on space.
Here are some photos:

Inky and I play lost girls in the woods. It is so fun pretending to try to look for a place to sleep and what to eat.
After the doll show we go to the Beehive Tea Room and both order violet tea. It is my favorite!
A few days later I give Inky a tour of Temple Square for my next girl scout badge, and all the flowers are in bloom. It is really pretty!
Then we reach the temple, where LDS people get married and stuff. We even saw 16 brides! Wow! Inky and I liked to pretend the temple was a castle.


Colette D. said...

Inky & Violet, it looks like you're having fantastic time together. I think it's adorable that you wore the same dresses you did in Ukraine.

Laura said...

Wow, you two sound (and look) like you've had a blast! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us, Violet and Inky.