Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More fun with Piper

I've been having such a fun time with Piper, I'm really going to miss her when she heads home this week.

Last week we played dolls in my room for an entire day. We had such a fun story going on, first they found this magical pony in the woods, then there was a flood, and the pony didn't make it onto the boat, so Kaya had to save her! It was so fun!
Then on Thursday was Mama's birthday, happy birthday! For her birthday Piper and I took her up to Red Butte Garden. This is a pretty garden at the mouth of Red Butte Canyon. It is still early spring here in Utah, but all the daffodils were blooming. Mama and Daddy walked around while Piper and I pretended to be flower fairies. We even sat down right in the garden to look for bugs.
And guess what else? Piper and I have finished our photo album! We've been working on it since she got here, and it shows all the stuff we've been doing, and there are a lot more photos.

Here is the album: Piper visits Violet in Utah!

Love, Piper and Violet (the twins!)
Also, check out my new crocs!!


Adria Joy said...

You two look absolutely identical! I can hardly tell you two apart!

I love your new crocs, Violet, I will have to ask Mommy if she can buy some for me. I want some green ones...or maybe baby blue if they have them!

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Anya said...

Looks like you two really had fun! I'd love to have a "twin" come over to play one day. Sometimes Molly and I play that we are twins, but we still aren't identical...and there's that whole time thing between us.

Laura told me that Inky is visiting you...I can't wait to see what fun things you two have planned.


Mia said...

I like your crocs Violet! I have crocs too, only there purple.;)