Monday, March 31, 2008

Fun at the farmhouse

Piper and I are having such a great time, I'm really going to miss her when she leaves in a week. Last weekend we went down to the farmhouse and had a really fun time. Saturday was sunny and warm, and really really nice. We played in the corral, went to Ephriam and visited the Co-op, took a walk and played near the river at Maybel Pierceson's house. And guess what? The lady at the Co-op thought we were twins! When she asked, we said yes!

That night we changed into our jammies, had chocolate milk, and played lots of games with my cousins. We ended up going to bed really really late, almost at midnight. I hope Piper's mama doesn't get too mad.

The next day was very cold and cloudy, but it was foggy too, which was neat. Piper and I took a walk and visited a horse down the road. We also drove around with Daddy looking at the mountains and Fairview and stuff. Piper said she liked driving around and seeing everything. Pretty soon it started to snow, but that was okay. Piper and I wanted to see the abandoned social hall in Milburn, but we didn't explore long, it was too snowy!

This week we have other fun things planned, but I can't spoil the surprise. Right now we are in my bedroom playing American Girl dolls and Playmobil.


Violet and Piper (the twins!)


T-sight said...

Hey there...your blog is cool! I was clicking next blog after mine and found yours! I like it!

Adria Joy said...

I love it that you two are wearing matching Licorice outfits! They look stunning on you!

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