Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter from Piper and me!

Piper is here! She got here on Friday, but we've been having so much fun playing and exploring, I haven't had a chance to update my blog. So far we've already done a lot! And guess what, Piper said she will join me at my Kid's Yoga class later this week!

The best part has been pretending we are twins, we've already been asked twice if we are twins, and we say yes! It is so fun.

Do you want to see how pretty we look today? Happy Easter! The Easter bunny visited, and we both got lots and lots of goodies!


felicityfan85 said...

Wow, you two really do look like twins! If the girl named Sarah does come someday, who looks like you but with hazel eyes, I might mistakenly call her Violet in the beginning, lol! I hope Sarah does join us someday, though. Felicity would have a new best friend.

Happy Easter!

Laura said...

LOL, you girls do look alike, but it's amazing how different you do look. I can definitely tell that Piper is younger than you, Violet. This is why I never mistakenly called Sophie by your name when she first came...she has your hair and eye color yet she seems like a totally different girl. ;)

Have fun you two.

KGC said...

Hi Violet & Piper,

I think you girls look so pretty together and although we missed you on Easter morning at home, Piper, seeing such a huge grin on your face is wonderful! It snowed on Easter at our house and I raced outside to get snowflakes on my face and thought of you since we love playing together in the snow. It sure looks warm and sunny in Utah! I miss you! love from Lily

Adria Joy said...

Those dresses are lovely on you, Violet and Piper!

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