Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Piper is coming to Utah!

Oh my gosh! I am so so so excited!! Piper is coming to visit me in Utah, and she will be here for Easter! Piper is Lily's friend (remember Lily, we met in North Carolina when we were both traveling, and then she got here when I was leaving for Canada?). Well her best friend is coming to visit now too! And guess what's even neater??? Piper looks A LOT like me!

I've always thought it would be fun to be a twin, and Piper says even though she has sisters, she has always wanted to be a twin too. We've decided the entire time she is here to pretend we are twins! It is going to be so fun!

Piper and I started talking through letters and cards once Lily got home from her travels. At first it was just Lily and I that wrote letters, but soon Piper started to too, and then Mama asked if she would like to visit Utah, and she said yes!

Here are some things you might want to know about Piper-
* Astrological Sign: Gemini
* Industry: Human Services
* Occupation: Student & Teacher of Magical Arts; someday I will become a Charmed One, Professional Good Deed Do-er & Helper (this means she can do magic!)
* Location: St. Louis, MO

About Me
I am a doll who has been blessed with magical powers. I have two sisters: Prue, Phoebe who also share my gifts. Together we are learning about our recently discovered magical abilities as well as teaching our skills to my two best friends--Lily and Holly. I have a third sister, Paige, who I am hoping to be reunited with very soon.

I love spending time with Lily and Holly. We enjoy playing outside, especially in the snow, going to the Zoo, playground, and most of all visiting my Nana and Papa's house on the lake. I think the lake is the most magical place in the world and all of my sisters agree with me.

I love to read adventure stories and also books about other girls my age. I also love to write and I have a wonderful pen pal named Violet who is far more adventurous than I am!

* reading (just like me!)
* toys (just like me!)
* traveling and outdoor adventures (... and just like me! Can you see why we are friends?)

Favorite Movies
* Harry Potter (all of them), Enchanted and The Wizard of Oz

Favorite Music
* Rock and Pop. I love Pink Floyd!

Favorite Books
* The Half Magic series by Edward Eager
* Little Women
* All of Madeleine L'Engle's books, however "A Ring of Endless Light," "The Moon by Night" and "Many Waters" are particularly wonderful

Here are some photos of Piper, and as you can guess, as soon as she gets here, there will lots and lots of photos of us pretending to be twins. I can't wait!

Note- these photos are Piper, not me! I told you we look alike! Maybe we are long lost twins... (insert Twilight Zone music here).


felicityfan85 said...

That's cool that you and Piper are going to pretend to be twins when she visits. Missy loves Charmed.

Do you think you have any room for me to visit sometime? Like in the fall or winter or something?

I've heard that a doll almost like you might join us someday-she'd have hazel eyes though and her name is Sarah ans she loves the book Labyrinth and roleplaying.

Anya said...

Violet, you have a lot of twins...my friend Sophie is dying to meet you, and she looks just like you, too. I don't think I have many twins. That Traveling Charlotte girl looks suspiciously like me, though.