Friday, September 12, 2008

Goodbye Inky... until next time.

First let me say, I miss Inky SO SO SO much. She is the best friend any girl can have. Plus, I learn so much when I'm with her. My Russian is awesome, since Inky teaches me so much when I'm with her. It is so funny, because we always try to insult each other in Russian, but she knows more insults than I do.

And guess what we did on one of my last days there? Since we're homeschooled, we don't have school photos taken. Instead, we went to American Girl Place and had our portrait done with our dolls! It was so much fun. We both wore our AGP hoodies and carried an American Girl doll. I miss Inky so much.
Inky and her Mamas got me the most wonderful presents while I was there. Not only did I get my ears pierced, and my photo taken and AGPNY, I also got my very own Ugly doll!!! He is so cute! His name is Abima and he's a little crazy. I love him.

Here is the album Colette and Inky made before I left. We had such fun.

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