Friday, September 5, 2008

Pierced Ears!

Remember how I got my ears pierced last year? I'm embarassed to say that I let them close up. Mama and Daddy told me I'd have to wait to get them done again. Well, my Auntie Colette and I had a special day yesterday, just the two of us. She took me to get my ears pierced! I had to promise I would take excellent care of my new ear holes.

I'm starting out with stars, but I also picked out some extra pairs to wear later, once I can change them. I can't wait to show Mama and Daddy!

P.S. Auntie Colette told me Mama said it was okay! Phew! I was a little worried she would be upset that I got my ears pierced again!

1 comment:

Hot Hot JJ said...

You look just as pretty as always Violet. I can't wait to see your ears when you get home.