Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween is right around the corner!

Halloween is right around the corner, a very very spooky corner. AND, I'm back in Utah! Today Sophia, Abygale and I went to the pumpkin patch, and guess what was there??? Only the BLACK PEARL from Abygale's favorite movie, Pirates of the Caribbean! She was so excited she almost fainted. Haha!

Mama must have know there was a pirate ship at this pumpkin patch, because as I was leaving, she asked "do you want to dress up in your new pirate outfit?" I was like "okay!". Anyway, it turned out perfect and so fun. I think Blabins (Abygale) is in LOVE with Jack Sparrow!

Here we are on the Black Pearl. Isn't that the neatest ship you've ever seen?
This is Jack Sparrow. Blabbins wants to kiss him, I think. I think he is old, plus, boys are gross!

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Connie said...

Actually, Abygael loves Will Turner AKA as Orlando Bloom! She'd kiss him any day!