Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Christmas in July!

Guess what?! My best friend in the entire world showed up in Utah two days ago! Inky is here! In addition to having my best friend visit, she brought gifts! She was so sad that she missed Christmas and my birthday last year she wanted to make up for it, and make up she did!

Having my best friend her is like the best present, but she also brought along all of these items:
1. Ugly doll toy! He is not plush like my other one. He's so cute!
2. Mama horse and baby horse toy. I love these!
3. T-shirt with girl at the pool (it is soooo cute, the girl looks like me!)
4. T-shirt with my favorite animal - owls!
5. AND...... Rebecca doll!!! Can you believe it? American Girl dolls are expensive and such a treat! The last time I got one was 1.5 years ago, I got Kaya for my birthday. Well I've been saving and saving for Rebecca. With some of the money I've been saving I'll have to buy Inky a present. Rebecca is so beautiful.


Bella said...

Awesome! You got Rebecca! She is so pretty! I'm hoping my Mama will let me save up for her.:)

Avery V. said...

Yay, Inky is with you! I'm so happy that you two are together again!
That is so nice of Inky to bring you presents! Congratulations, Rebecca is so cute!

Sophie Amélie said...

I was wondering if Inky was going to visit you soon! :) I love that you two are able to see each other so often.

A Rebecca doll-awesome! I've yet to get an American Girl of my own yet. Felicity's my favorite; maybe I'll get her eventually.


Wendy said...

That's great that Inky's come to visit you! And it was really nice of her to come with gifts. =)

Libby said...

Hey Inky! :) That is so cool that you both have Rebecca!

Anonymous said...

Hi,Violet!Yeah for Inky coming!I love your little Ugly Doll,can you ask Inky whare you got him,please?