Saturday, February 13, 2010


I LOVE the Olympics. So does my BFF Inky. She and I always email and talk about the Olympics, and we even got matching shirts for the Beijing Olympics back in 2008 (here is a photo of mine). Of course we needed new Olympic shirts, and I was so so happy when I got the mail the other day and there was a present from Inky! What could it be? Only an Olympic tee! AND the most AWESOME present ever! A Miga stuffed animal!!! She is a cross between a Kermode Bear and an Orca and she is soooooo cute and soft!

Remember that I got an Olympic pin from Inky for Christmas? Well I did, and I was so excited to wear it with my new shirt. Miga and I are already best friends. AND, Inky has a Miga of her own, and a matching shirt! We are so lucky!

GO for the Gold USA!

Two of my favorite winter sports to watch are skiing and ice skating. That is because they are two of my favorite sports too! I love to ski and ice skate. I wonder if snowshoeing will ever become an Olympic sport. (Click the links, they are awesome)

Yes, my shirt rocks. And my pin rocks. And Miga rocks.
Isn't Miga the cutest?!
We pretend to be figure skaters. We'd win gold for sure. :)


all4dolls said...

We love the Olympics, too, and we LOVE your outfit and souvenirs! Mia and Eva

Lola Bean Living a Doll's Life said...

I love your new shirt! Its so cool! It looks like you've been everywhere! Your pictures are gorgeous! :)
Lola Bean

Anonymous said...

Love the shirt, of course I already saw Inky's on her blog... It was great that you posted. I LOVE ice hockey! And my favorite mascot is definitely Quatchi! I LOVE SASQUATCH!

Sophie Amélie said...

Nice! Ms. Colette always makes the coolest shirts for you and Inky! I really like how you've layered it over a light blue shirt and the way your pink hat looks with the ensemble.

I like the Olympics, too, but I do have to root for France, hehe.


kitkittredge said...

We're crazy for the Olympics here in Vancouver! Love the Miga stuffie, my girls are decidedly jealous.

Sonali said...

I love your new shirt! That was very nice of Ms. Colette to make it for you. My favorite mascot is Sumi, but your Miga plushie is so cute!


Kirsten L. said...

Miga is cute and you'd definitely win gold! Though for snowshoeing-you'd be up against me-and I haz mad snowshoeing skillz!, lol