Monday, December 17, 2007

10 things I want for Christmas

One of my school assignments is to type a list of five things I want for Christmas, to help me practice typing. I figured if I was going to type it anyway, I should post it on my blog! I'm still a slow typist, but my blog has been such good practice!

FIVE (5) things I want for CHRISTMAS!
1. Candy! I want to have tasty treats on Christmas morning from my stocking.
2. Hawaii outfit. I'm going to Hawaii in January and I really want a new tropical outfit from American Girl. (Here is the link)
3. New stuffed animal (either an owl, cat, bear, or tiger)
4. Playmobil pirate ship or castle. But, these are all sold out all over Utah, and won't be back until January. :(. Maybe I'll get one for my birthday...
5. New puffy vest for cold days


Colette D. said...

Sold Out! Oh my goodness! I am asking for the castle too! Actually, Colette and I are going to Brighton today to look for Russian treats for my New Year's Eve Party. Maybe we will find a set for you at the Children's World!


P.S. Watch the mail for a package from me! I sent it Saturday.

Anya said...

I hope you get everything you want! I covet that tropical outfit, too, and I wish I was going to Hawaii like you.

Oh, Laura saw an ad for the pirate ship and thought of you! She said it looked really cool.

Susie said...

Cool things you want. I hope you get everything you want. Mind if we take your idea and post the things we want for Christmas, too? We have to write our letters to Santa and it would be neat to put them on our blog-almost like a Star Valley newspaper section online, we should so put that section on our site or something.
~Susie (and everyone else)

Violet said...

Susie, yes, that is fine if you post your Christmas list too! I can't wait to read it!