Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas score!

Oh MAN!! Total Christmas score! Jess says the best time for Christmas is when you are kid, because then you don't have to worry about adult stuff, you can just look forward to presents!

On Christmas Eve I went over to Aunt Chelsea's house for a Christmas party where we exchanged presents. I got the cutest things, a little mug that says Violet, some purple socks, gloves and purse that all match, and a really awesome photo album with Christmas photos. I gave Sophia and Abygael an iPod, they were so happy! It was so funny because as soon as Sophia got it in her ears she started dancing and singing Spice Girls at the top of her lungs! We laughed and laughed.

On Christmas day I had a gazillion presents to open! You can not believe how many Santa left, and my stocking was overflowing! And Inky!!!! Inky sent about a hundred presents, but most were for a new girl that lives around the block named Lei Mei.

Anyway, before I tell about Lei Mei (in another post later this week), I need to tell more about presents! I got the Hawaii outfit I had been wanting, and it is so cool! I also got new skis from Uncle David! Grandma Connie gave me a ski outfit, with a really cool winter vest (it is the one I'm wearing in the photo). Santa left the best thing though, he gave me a polar bear stuffed animal that is so cute, I want to sleep with her every night. And guess what? Inky got the same polar bear too! Mama said that Santa told her. Now we have twin polar bears and Cheburashkas.Inky sent some really cool things including a Scrabble game! This is hers and Colette's favorite game, and I like it too, even though I can't spell very well.

As you can tell, I had a great Christmas and now I'm begging Allyson to go skiing with me soon, she is really good.


Hot Hot JJ said...

Merry Christmas sweety. I'm glad you had a good one!

Colette said...

Happy Christmas Violet! Inky wants you to know that she *loves* her presents. She's been cuddling with her little polar bear ever since she found him Christmas morning!

Inky's staying with my mom for a few days, being a sewing model, but she can't wait to send you her own thank you.

Laura said...

Merry Christmas, Violet! You got some great stuff, and I'm sure you'll make use of everything, too.

Laura (and Anya)

Lissie1775 said...

You are so lucky! That looks like so much fun!
And your mom takes really good photos :D

Anonymous said...

Merry christmas,Violet!I love that polar bear,whare did your mummy get him?