Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hawaii is ten times from awesome!

Oh my gosh, it is so awesome here! I'm here in Maui Hawaii with Josefina, and we are having SO MUCH FUN! Josefina says the weather is not so good because it is windy and rainy, and I told her this weather is fantastic! Who ever heard of going to the beach in January? Today is 73 degrees and just perfect! I'm wearing shorts and a tank top! Because there is some wind I've had a chance to watch the waves, and they are so awesome. I love Hawaii.

I can't write a very long blog post today because Josefina is telling me she wants to go look for geckos right now, there are a lot near here!

Anyway, I wanted to post a map so you know where I am, and I also wanted to post some of the most awesome photos from yesterday!

Aloha! (that means hello and goodbye!)

Check out those awesome waves!
This is where I am, Lahaina, Maui.
Josefina and I love this weather! I will return with a suntan!

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Kirsten said...

Oh wow! Looks like your two are having tons of fun! I wish I could go to Hawaii-that would be sweet!