Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today I turn 11!

What a splendid birthday so far! I love birthdays! Yesterday I had my some of my friends over for a birthday party, and we had so much fun! I wore a new violet colored party dress, it is so pretty. Plus, everyone got to meet Lei Mei, and they all thought she was so nice.

Lei Mei is a new girl that lives around the block from me, she is only eight years old, but I really like her. She is shy and is just learning English. We have fun together, because I'm helping her with her English, and she is giving me Chinese lessons! I love learning Chinese, but it is really hard, even harder than Russian.

Guess what I got for my birthday? An American Girl doll! They are the neatest dolls, I chose Kaya, she is a Native American, and she is so pretty and she is my favorite. Today it is cold and snowy outside, and since it is my birthday I haven't had to do any jobs! Instead I'm packing for my trip to Hawaii (I leave tomorrow!) and playing with my toys. Did you know Kaya told me she is also an Eskimo, and that is why she likes my polar bear toy so much?

Anyway, here is an album Mama put together from my party, and here are a few photos.
Here I am with Kaya, isn't she perfect?
And here Lei Mei shows me how to do calligraphy.


Anya said...

Happy Birthday Violet! I loved seeing your party pictures and your new doll Kaya. I have a Kaya doll just like yours, and she is my favorite, too. I love that she loves horses, and I cannot wait to get one for her. Eventually I will have Felicity, too; Lindsey has one but she won't share. I also have Samantha, but she's not as special as my Kaya.

Bon Voyage!

TheGreatFelicity said...

happy birthday violet! you are so pretty. not as pretty as me of course but still pretty! smooch love felicity