Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Up country for lunch!

Josefina and I are still having SO MUCH FUN!!! You can not believe how pretty it is here, I love it. The last few days Josefina and I have been really busy. First we went to Up Country (on the west side of the island) to a town called Makawao, which is an hour drive.

Maui is in the top 5 wettest places in the world (they claim #2). So most of the time these mountains are covered in clouds, but today it wasn't raining! Josefina said it is rare to see the mountain tops. Once we got to Makawao we visited a famous glass blowing shop and the yummiest restaurant on the island, Mama's Fish House. After posing for this photo we went in and Josefina said we could order anything on the menu! I got a kid's fish plate and it was so good. There was this spicy yummy sauce to dip the fried fish in that tasted like mangoes or something.
After lunch we went across the street to this awesome beach and found a really neat sea canoe right there on the beach. Josefina and I pretended to sail out to the sea, and discover a new island of our own! We could build a tree house and live like princesses forever more!
The west side of the island is often windy, even on the nicest of days. The beach is so beautiful, and Josefina and I were feeling a little wind blown. But I could stay here all day and watch the big waves.

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