Thursday, February 7, 2008

新年好- Happy Chinese New Year!

Lei Mei is so awesome, just the other day she asked me if I'd like to attend a New Years Feast for the Chinese New Year! She also told me it is 鼠的年 (the year of the rat). I was so excited to go to a traditional Chinese New Years Party, and Lei Mei's cousins are so funny! Plus, I got to dress in a beautiful Chinese dress and I got red envelopes with money inside! We made lots of noise and said "Gung Hay Fat Choy" lots of times, which means "Happy New Year!" Also we had to say a special prayer to Lei Mei's ancestors, which is traditional.

Lei Mei's English is really getting good, she is learning so much. And my Chinese is about as good as Lei Mei's one year old cousin, which means I only know 15 words! But I'm working on it, Lei Mei is a very good teacher.

Do you want to see some photos from our New Years party?

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Mims said...

Really nice set up!!