Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snow fort!

Last weekend was so fun, I got to go down to the farmhouse with my two cousins Sophia and Abygael. It was a really nice day on Sunday and not even very cold. Because the deep deep Utah snow was melting it was very good for snowballs and snow forts, which meant of course we HAD to build a sweet fort for our toys.

I was the main engineer, and decided to make a snow fort with a roof, but Sofia had a great idea about using icicles as the drawbridge, and then we found a HUGE icicle and used it as the tallest tower.

Can you tell we had fun? Here are a few photos:

I look around for the perfect spot for the snow fort, and of course North joins me.

Once finding the perfect location, Blabbins and I start building the walls.

Then Sophia and I secure the HUGE icicle.

All done! Do you see all our animals inside? Can you see the icicle draw bridge?


Amy ;-) said...

That icicle drawbridge is the COOLEST!

felicityfan85 said...

That is awesome! I am so jealous-since I'm with Missy at her college, I'm not near any snow. I'll have to make a fort someday, though.

Anya said...

Very cool...no pun intended, hehe. I love forts, too, and yes, that icicle drawbridge IS the coolest.