Friday, February 22, 2008

HUGE news!!!

Guess what? I have a huge announcement! Mama and Daddy are planning a trip to Grand Cayman in May! And guess what else? My cousins Abygale and Sophia will be there too, along with aunts and uncles, and even Grandma and Gramps! We are all going to go and spend a week in this huge house right on the beach.

Oh I can't wait! And guess what else? Mama said I could take snorkeling lessons before we leave, so I will know exactly what I'm doing as soon as I get there.

Here are some photos of the house we will be staying in. Notice the beach, that is where you will find me!


felicityfan85 said...

Cool! I'm going to the beach for spring break, again! I don't have a bathing suit with me but that's okay because it's a bit chilly still.

Anya said...

It looks pretty! I'm not one for beaches 'cuz I used to live right near one, and it got boring, but I'll can't wait to hear about your adventures.