Monday, November 17, 2008

Ballet class

For more than a year I've been taking a ballet class with my two cousins Abygael and Sadie. I go every Thursday at five for two hours, unless I'm traveling. I really love my ballet class, but the best thing about it is? The Christmas Show! We've been practicing like crazy lately, and the Christmas show is only a few weeks away, which means I couldn't miss class on Thursday.

Mama called up my teacher, Ms. Vanessa, and asked if Inky could join our class a couple of times. She told her that Inky is a very good ballerina, and has also been taking classes in NY. Luckily, Ms. Vanessa said it was okay if Inky came to class. Inky was pretty much the best in our class and we had a lot of fun practicing all of our positions and rehearsing our dance for the Christmas Show.


Colette D. said...

Violet, you all are such lovely dancers.

Anonymous said...

I realy like dolls too! i have nellie what did you name your dolls? please comment me on my blog