Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Vote!

Inky and I are having so much fun! We've been trick-or-treating, played witches and black cats in the back yard, visited the farmhouse and next weekend we are going to get another Jr. Ranger Badge!

But, with being this busy, we didn't forget to vote. (Well Mama and Daddy voted, because they are old enough). Inky and I just showed our support.

Tonight we are going to have a party and eat pizza, watch the news and cheer on Obama!

(This same post is on Inky's blog because we typed it together on my laptop!)


Kimpa said...

Love the shirts ladies! Go Obama! Pennsylvania came through for Obama!

Enjoy the pizza!

Gabrielle said...

Those are fabulous shirts!!!

Katie said...

LOL at your shirt, Violet! I love it (and Inky's, too).

Lissie1775 said...

Your shirts are awesome! I love them!
I stayed up too only I fell asleep because I had a fever. :(

I'm so happy that Obama won!!

Colette D. said...

Inky & Violet, I hope you're having fun today celebrating the 91st anniversary of the Revolution!!

Jen and I miss you both so much!

Amy said...

Those are cool shirts! I was on McCain's team but did your mama make those, Violet?