Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm a Jr. Ranger again!

Inky and I are pros. We really are. We each have more than ten badges, and yesterday we added another one to our collection! Mama and Daddy drove us up to Northern Utah (it was such a long drive...), and we got our Jr. Ranger Badges at Golden Spike National Historic Site. This is the place where the railroads finally met each other in 1869. That meant that now people could travel all the way across the country on the train if they wanted to! And mail and packages now could be delivered in days, rather than weeks or months on horseback.

Inky and I had such a great time. We answered all the questions in our Jr. Rangers booklet and we even talked to a real train engineer. Plus, we saw some really neat birds, and some Nasa Rockets, but Inky says we need to do an entire post just devoted to rockets.

Here we are where the railroad met!
Here is the original photograph from that day, neat huh?

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