Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Lunar (Chinese) New Year!

Oh my word, I am so late! Lunar New Year was weeks ago, and Lei Mei hosted such a wonderful party for Anna Lee and me. I feel just horrible about not posting photos yet.

Thank you Lei Mei for such a wonderful party, and bring on the year of the ox!

Lei Mei had such a pretty table set for us. Her Mama painted the walls red just this year! I told Mama I want my room red now!
Lei Mei knows how to brew tea and make rice perfectly. You always have a feast on New Years.
Happy New Year!


♥Rose♥ said...

Hi! I love your blog. It is so nice. I love your outfits--all of you. You are so pretty!

Happy [late] New Year!


Wendy said...

You guys looked great! Also looks like you had a great time. =)

Livia said...

Wow, Anna Lee is holding a lantern just like mine! I love your pretty pink dress. Gung Hay Fat Choy! Xin Nian Kuai Le!


Katie said...

You girls are so cute in your New Year outfits! Looks like Lei Mei had a quite a feast for the party.

Avery V. said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! I love your outfits :) Ivy and Jess hosted Lunar New Year at our house this year, but it wasn't this nice :)


Abbey and Chloe said...

where did u get these outfits????????????????

*~*Mari*~* said...

Happy New Year! Lei Mei, you and your mom did a great job with the house. It's beautiful! And all three of you have lovely clothes!!

Abbey and Chloe, I'm not sure about the others but Lei Mei's outfit is a long-retired AG outfit from the 1990s.

Violet said...

The other outfits came from eBay! Search "Chinese American Girl" and they should come right up.

Glad you like my blog!

Anonymous said...

i realy love the outfits!


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