Monday, December 8, 2008

Hip hop with Suzie

As I was telling Suzie all about my ballet show coming up, I asked her why she doesn't got to ballet lessons with us. She says she used to take ballet, but girls from Brooklyn don't take ballet, they take hip hop! Hip hop is the kind of dance all the kids on The Disney Channel do. I asked Suzie to teach me. It was lucky I asked, because Suzie is pretty much a pro hip hopper.

And look at the awesome style Mama put in our hair for the hip hop show!
I love having my cousins visit.
Oh wait, I almost forgot! We helped with the Christmas lights yesterday, we even climbed up the ladder onto the roof, but we weren't scared.
The view really is better on the roof.
All done!


Gabrielle said...

Beautiful view of the mountains from the roof - and the house looks wonderful! - AG*dancer*

felicityfan85 said...

Pretty! And yep, a #25 and a #28 will both be coming to live here at some point-they're just both so pretty! My #25 will have hazel eyes though but she'll be Sarah from Labyrinth. Not sure who my #28 will be yet.

Anonymous said...

When's Violet's ballet? I do doll ballets with my friend.This weekend we're putting on sleeping beauty, and my neighbor who's 9 will watch.

*~*Mari*~* said...

Wow, it looks so pretty! Christmas is such a pretty holiday. I love hip hop too (well, I love any and all dance ;) and Suzie seems really nice. I don't have any cousins since my guardian is an only child :(
I love all your photos as well--they are so pretty!