Friday, December 12, 2008

My Christmas ballet was today!

Merry Christmas! Today was the big day, the day of our ballet. Remember I said we were practicing extra hard for the Christmas show? Well it went perfectly, I'm so glad I practiced as mush as I did.

Our dance was to Carol of the Bells and our new red and white costumes were so pretty. My cousin Mia played the piano for the performance, and it was perfect! As we spun around on stage I was imagining that we looked like candy canes. Also, all my cousins came to support Abygale, Sadie May and me. I was so happy.


Mims said...

I love it! Ruthie wishes she had as much fun as you do!!

*~*Mari*~* said...'s so beautiful. I really wish that there were enough ballet students here for a performance like that! You all look so elegant and your posture is perfect.
Can I come over to dance with you? ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I just got that red ballet outfit for my doll's (#24) new years recital. Your pics ot the ballet are so pretty!

felicityfan85 said...

My dolls' winter ballet recital is Sunday...but they don't have pretty costumes like that. Maybe in the future they will.