Monday, December 29, 2008

Late Christmas post

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date! I didn't update my blog on Christmas, or the day after, or the day after that. Mama says one reason I have my own laptop is to practice typing, and I'd rather practice on a blog than in an boring Word document. Yuck.

Anyway, Christmas was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I got so many neat toys and clothes. I got an entire puppet set, and now I really want to put on a puppet show. Plus, I got the puppet show set from Playmobil! And guess what else? My birthday is in only eight days! I rock.

So Suzy's second cousin (or something) moved to Utah! She was here in time for Christmas, and she is so funny. Her name is Jasmine (Yas-meen), but Sophia calls her Meina. She can hip hop even better than Suzy!

This is Jasmine, doesn't she look nice? She speaks Portuguese, and was born in Brazil!
Here is one of my puppets. Daddy hates him because he's a gnome. Heehee!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Cute! You got some great presents, Violet, and Jasmine is very pretty. Is she Brazilian, or just born there? There are lots of Brazilian kids at my school, and many of the girls look like Jasmine with dark curly hair.

Why doesn't your dad like gnomes? (You are lucky it's just that, mine doesn't like dolls!;D )

And as always, the photos are lovely. They look very artistic and all of you look great! I like how everyone has lovely red Christmas dresses. :)


ag_haley said...

Wow Violet, what a great Christmas! Jasmine is lovely, I hope you enjoy her!

Kit Kittredge said...

It sounds like you had lots of fun at Christmas, Violet!

I love your puppets, do you know where you can buy them? Maybe I can ask for them next year.


Hot Hot JJ said...

You have to come back to AG Fans, everyone really really misses you! And guess what, Mama might adopt Sonali! Isn't she prettiest?

I have no idea why my Daddy hates gnomes, he says they are evil, but Mama and I love gnomes!

Jasmine was born and is from Brazil.

I'll ask Grandma where she got the puppets, I'm not sure where she got them.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, jasmine is pretty! I thought I saw a doll in the Christmas pics on your blog!

Sophie said...

Ooh, Jasmine's gorgeous! She's so lucky that she speaks Portuguese; that's the language I really want to learn next.

You got some wonderful presents. I especially love the gnome puppets. We've lots of puppets around here--Laura's mom is a puppet collector/maker--and I collect gnomes myself. I love to take my favorite one traveling, and sometimes Laura will take mine even when I can't come with her. She took loads of pictures of my gnome in Italy. I wish I could've gone with her, but this is the next best thing.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

felicityfan85 said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mims said...

I love the outfit!

Wendy said...

Hi Violet! I'm Wendy. Sounds like you had a fun time at Christmas and hanging out with your cousins. I don't know too much about Christmas though, being Jewish and all. But anyways, you all look sweet in your Santa outfits!

I'm going to be making a list of great blogs and I'll definitely be adding yours too! Hope to get to know you better. =)

My blog link is

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Can you ask Jasmine what Brazil was like and where she got her dress?

Jordan said...

Jordan's aunt's husband's sister's baby (did you get all that?) is named Jasmine and is pronounced that way too! The baby's momma is Brazilian!