Saturday, January 3, 2009

Anna Lee Merced is here!

Guess what?!?! Anna Lee Merced is here all the way from Michigan. I met Anna Lee two years ago when I visited her house while traveling, and she loves to travel just as much as me! Guess what else? She loves the Merced river in Yosemite just as much as me! We've both been there and we've both played in it. We call ourselves the Yosemite sisters because we both really love Yosemite.

Anyway, Anna Lee came here to visit me for my birthday, which of course is in two days!! Yippee yipee yippeee! She said she had a very special birthday present to deliver, but her Mama's sewing machine broke right before she left. Poop. Anyway, she is very very excited for my party on Tuesday.

Right now I'm at the farmhouse with Anna Lee and it is COLD cold cold. Brrrr... We played outside with our animals a little earlier (she brought a bison that she bought in Yellowstone!) and I played with North. We soon got too cold, and now we are sitting near Old Betsy in the kitchen. Anna Lee asked why we named the coal stove Old Betsy, and I didn't know! I asked Daddy and he didn't know either, he said it has always been named Old Betsy, always.

Tonight we are going to stay up really really late and talk about our favorite National Parks. Anna Lee is just as crazy about National Parks as Inky and I! She's been to lots! Maybe more than me!

Here are some of my favorite photos we took today before our hands got too numb.

I showed Anna Lee the deer tracks in the yard. The deer love our yard and always sleep here!
And I showed Anna Lee where I always make forts under the trees. She agreed it was a very good fort location, and we decided to play with our toys here. (Anna Lee loves forts as much as I do!)
Isn't my hat neat? Auntie Jen made it for me last year, for my birthday. I love it and wear it almost all winter!
Buffy and North get to know each other. Buffy was more interested in munching on the tree than playing with North.
And guess who is coming down to the farmhouse later? Jasmine, Suzy and Abygale! Yea!

Oh, and before I forget, Anna Lee has a blog too, here is the link.


Jane said...

Hello Violet! Hello Anna Lee! Sound's like the two of you are having a wonderful time! The snow look's fun to play in! I do love your hat Violet. Keep us posted!
Love, Jane

Katie said...

Hi Violet! I'm glad you and Anna Lee are getting along. :-) It looks like you are having fun at the farmhouse! I'm still working on your birthday present - my backup sewing machine plan was a bust, so I think I will hand sew the rest of it tomorrow. Tell Anna Lee we miss her here in Michigan!

Wendy said...

Hi Violet and Anna Lee! Looks like you two and having lots of fun. That's wonderful that you guys have so much in common. Keep us posted on what you guys are doing. =)

Avery V. said...

Hi Violet and Anna Lee! Looks like guys are having fun!

Happy New Year

Mercedes said...

Good morning Violet,And Anna Lee.
It Seems Like You Guys Are ahving Tons Of fun! Happy birthday!
~Lots Of love,

Sophie said...

Yay! I read that Anna Lee was going to visit you, Violet, and I'm so excited to see what fun things you have planned for her. Have fun!