Friday, January 30, 2009

I have been just horrible about updating

Anna Lee is still here. We've done some much for the last two weeks, but I've been horrible about updating! We've had a New Year's Eve party with Lei Mei, we've played lots of games in my room, we've watched some movies and we celebrated the inauguration of President Obama! AND, guess what else? We are going to the farmhouse again tomorrow! Anna Lee is very excited because she knows what to expect. I will miss her when she heads back home next week.

Do you want to see our Obama ball? We watched the inauguration on TV and then danced and cheered for the rest of the night. We had such a fun time, and we dressed in beautiful outfits! Yea for Obama (and guess what else, Malia is almost exactly my age! Wouldn't it be fun to live in the White House and have your Mama or Daddy be president?)

We watched the entire inauguration in our ball gowns, it was so fun!
Yea yea yea for President Obama! Look at my new dresses, Anna Lee is borrowing a new gold dress Mama got me, and isn't my blue one beautiful?
And now that the inauguration is over, I've been working on a report about presidents in the USA for school (home school). I had to write about what having a new president means to me. It was a hard report. I wished Inky was here to help me, she is so smart when it comes to presidents and stuff.


Haley said...

Hooray for President Obama! And you and Anna looked so cute in your ball gowns. We didn't do anything fancy but we still watched it on TV. And I know about not updating blogs, no need to apologize for that. I'm usually too busy!

Abbey and Chloe said...

Yay! A new update!Looks like you and Anna Lee had fun! Cute dresses! We just updated ours too, check it out!
ps. what kind of doll is Anna Lee? she is adorable!

Livia said...

What a fun party, Violet! It would be so much fun to have your mom or dad be president - I would love to live in the White House! I visited it once, it was really cool. I love your dresses - my mamma just got me a gold dress like the one you lent Anna Lee! For the inauguration I wore my red, white, and blue tap dance outfit but if I had gone to a ball I would definitely have worn the pretty gold dress.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when/if you'd post about the inauguration. I love your dresses!

Katie said...

Wow, you ladies look so cute and grown up in your fancy dresses! Looks like a very fun time. :-) I am missing you a lot, Anna Lee!

Abbey and Chloe, Anna Lee is a Gotz Little Sisters Katie doll. She got her name changed, as there can only be one Katie in this house!

Wendy said...

You guys seem to be having such a great time! And you looked lovely in your ball gowns. We watched the inauguration too... it was such an amazing day to be an American Girl! And don't worry about not updating your blog too much... keep having fun with Anna Lee!

Sophie said...

Hooray for President Obama! We didn't do anything special for the inauguration either, besides watching it on TV at school. We did have cake, though, but that was partly because of the inauguration and partly because our teacher's birthday was the day before.

We also had to write a report on the inauguration, and I choose to write about how France and the rest of the world had taken to the new American President. It wasn't too hard for me, though, because that meant I could write about France's First Lady and my favorite singer, Carla Bruni.