Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend in the mountains

Anna Lee and I spent last weekend in the mountains with my entire family. We had such a fun time! Anna Lee said she'd never ever seen so much snow in her entire life, and I told her that other years there is even more!

We played lots of games and ate lots of tasty food while up there. Anna Lee thinks my family is crazy, she says my Daddy is so funny. I agree. Plus Grandma brought up a little Yeti she made out of felt, and she kept making the funniest voices for him.

Yesterday it was really sunny and Anna Lee and I went on a walk. The snow that was in the sun melted a little and had formed ice crystals! They were huge and everywhere. Neither of us had seen anything so pretty so for the rest of the day we played that we were ice princesses and the forest was our kingdom. We even pretended that we never got cold in the woods even though it was really cold out.

Here I am showing Anna Lee around the cabin. Even though it is cold outside it is toasty warm inside!
And here we are, the two princesses of the woods! Anna Lee's princess name was Blue Snow and mine was Winter Ice.
AND.... look what I got from Katie in the mail before I left?! A new nightshirt with my favorite character from Rainbow Brite, Shy Violet. Thank you Katie! I wore it this weekend and it was perfect!
And tomorrow I told Anna Lee I want to through a ball for inauguration. I can't wait. And remember that Anna Lee has a blog. Here is the link:


Livia said...

I just read Anna Lee's blog and your weekend in the mountains sounds amazing! You have so much snow. I wish I could go to your inaugural ball, it sounds like fun!

Abbey & Chloe said...

Hey we love your blog! It's awesome! Check out ours:
hope you enjoy! we just started it!

Abbey & Chloe said...

We added your blog on the "Check Out These Blogs" section on our blog! Keep posting! Looove it!
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Katie said...

Your cabin is in such a pretty spot, Violet. I'm glad you like your nightshirt! A ball is a great idea; I hope you guys have fun!

Wendy said...

Looks like you had so much fun! And the snow is so pretty. =)

Stareared Kid said...

I love your blog Violet!

Traveling Emma

Abbey and Chloe said...

we updated our blog check it out!