Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm earning money for Christmas shopping

Mama and Daddy made a deal with me that when I turned 10 I would have to earn half of all the money for buying Christmas presents. They said they would match what I earn, and from that I could buy gifts. I took this responsibility very seriously, and has been babysitting for the neighbor family since October! I rock!

Amanda Kate is a very good baby. She is elven months old and likes to be held and played with on the floor.
She has the cutest little feet.
And if I hold her up she even likes to pretend she is walking!
The best part about babysitting is earning money! I am saving my money to buy my friends and family Christmas presents.
Afterwords, I buy presents, head home and shut my bedroom door so I can wrap all of the presents I bought. Merry Christmas!


Mims said...

LOL! How do you get all that stuff?

Anonymous said...

My dolls fostered a baby once, but it turned into a china doll when it got older so it doesn't live with them.

MarisolLuna said...

Violet, that looks like so much fun! -Marisol

~Sabine :) said... look like you're having so much fun! :)