Friday, August 22, 2008

Cape Cod Weekend!

Inky and I had so much fun during our trip camping on Cape Cod! We went on Friday and got home on Tuesday. On Friday, it rained and rained and rained so hard that all we did was stay in the tent and play Scrabble. We didn't take any pictures because I left the camera in the car- I didn't want to get soaked running from the tent!

During all the rain, Inky and I worked on my Junior Ranger booklet! She had grabbed one for me when she was last there, so that I didn't have to wait to go to the Visitor's Center to start. I did ALL of the activities that I could do without a ranger's help- that's how much rain we had! Inky and I pretended that we were stowaways on a ship, so we had to be quiet and hide in the hold.

On Saturday, we went to the Provincelands. That's a part of the cape on the tip, with lots and lots of dunes. The European settlers stripped them all for farming, but since they were made of sand, it didn't really work. Now, the Park Service is working to let plants grow again on the dunes. Inky and I went on a Junior Ranger hike to explore the dunes and the bogs around them. We got to eat wild blueberries and bearberries! We also got to learn to read some of the animal tracks.
After the hike, we went to Corn Hill Beach for Inky's kayak lesson. It was so cool! I think I will ask Mama and Daddy if I can learn to kayak too! I stayed on the beach to watch- and guess what I found?It's a hermit crab! It was so tiny! Inky and I watched it for a long time after she was done with her lesson. If you sat really, really still for a long time, the crab would poke out of the shell and walk around a little bit. Some kids on the beach told us that you can keep hermit crabs as pets and if you take good care of them, they can grow as big as a baseball! We decided to let our hermit crab friend go before we left the beach.
A giant storm blew in only a few minutes after we left the beach. Inky and I huddled in the tent and listened as big pieces of hail rained down all around us. I was worried the sharp pieces of ice would cut the tent, but we were safe.
On Sunday, we visited a lighthouse called Cape Cod Light. It was so cool! They had to move the lighthouse 400 feet back from the edge of a cliff so that it wouldn't fall off; the cliffs are eroding. We learned all about erosion when we were at the Provincelands, but it was so cool to see it in action. It was really windy up there and you could see sand flying off the cliff.

Doesn't it look so beautiful? Inky and I loved looking down at the ocean. You can even see that the earth is round by looking at the very gentle curve of the horizon. Awesome! I bet Mama and Daddy won't be so happy when they see what we were standing next to! (It was a big sign that said "Sliding Cliffs! Danger! Keep back!")

I will write more later, but now I am going to help Inky clean up her room. I don't know how she gets it so messy!

P.S. I finally finished my photo album of our whole trip up to Cape Cod. Check it out!

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Hot Hot JJ said...

Violet, your Mama misses you like crazy. It really looks like you are having an awesome time. Guess what I got in the mail today? A postcard from you! I love it!

Miss you lots, and give Colette a big hug from me.

Your Mama