Friday, August 8, 2008

Double trouble

I'm in trouble - double trouble. Here is what happened:

Piper's sisters, friends and I piled into Katie's car in Missouri. We were headed to Kansas to spend a week on the lake. I was so excited, how could anything go wrong?

Well Piper and her sisters can do magic, real magic, and they go to a magic school, kinda like Hogwarts! Anyway, we got to the lake and were having so much fun! It is really really beautiful in Kansas. The air is warm and the water is cool. We were having so much fun on the dock. Whenever Phoebe jumped into the water she would come out completely dry. We were laughing and laughing, because all the sisters are really good at magic.

Anyway, here is where the trouble began... Piper wanted to know if I wanted to learn a little magic also, of course I did! I thought you had to have special powers or talent to do magic, but Piper said, no, if you are not born with magic, you can just wear these special red shoes and it can help you do spells. Plus, they made me my own magic wand! How could I say no?
Piper taught me some of her favorite spells, and I couldn't belive it, they were actually working! (I so want some of these shoes at home!). After I learned summoning and vanishing spells Piper told me I could try something myself. She said "just raise your wand and think of a magical thought." Well guess what I thought? I didn't mean to, but "twins" just popped into my head.

Oh dear....
I guess I'm talented, look what I summoned-
I didn't know what to do! I wanted to vanish them, and not get in trouble, but Piper said I wasn't in trouble, instead she was thrilled!

I guess I'm the next Hermione Granger! When was the last time she summoned twins? (To see the full album of our dock party and the magic lesson, check out our album!)

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