Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stop #2: New York City!

Today, after a super long journey from St. Louis, I finally arrived in New York City! I was so excited, because I hadn't seen Inky since May. As she would say, "Stinkbugs!" There was so much traffic, but I finally got to her apartment. Inky moved from Wisconsin last summer; I hadn't seen her new digs yet.

I knocked and knocked... and knocked. No one answered! Finally, I pounded really hard on the door. I heard a voice yell "And it's Pavlova for the Gold!" Pavlova is Inky's last name, so I figured I was at the right place. I knocked and knocked some more, but no one answered! I decided to see if the door was open- it was!

Inky looked super confused at first, but suddenly she ran right up and hugged me!

Inky's roomie Iris was away at Violin Camp, so I get her bed. Iris was really sweet and not only made her bed for me, but she also cleaned out her nightstand and armoire! I'll make sure to leave her a thank you note. Inky gave me some awesome presents- 2 new shirts, a journal, and my own Ugly Doll, Abima! Abima Rules!

Once I was unpacked, we made cupcakes and hung out all evening talking about silly things and all our adventures. We get to stay up until one so that we can watch Olympic Gymnastics! Good thing too, because we had tons of stuff to pack for the weekend.

Guess what we're doing?

P.S. Don't forget to read Inky's blog to hear HER side of the story.


Hot Hot JJ said...

Violet honey, I miss you so much. It looks like you are having a blast. Make sure to give Colette a big hug and tell her that I miss her.

I wonder what you are doing with all that camping stuff?


Susanna and Isabel said...

Hi again Violet!
We're so happy you can visit your best friends, just like us! We stayed up late watching gymnastics too, but don't tell the guardian! She made us go to bed.
Love Susanna and Isabel