Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm out traveling again!

First stop - St. Louis, Missouri. And guess who lives in St. Louis? PIPER!!! And Lily! I was so excited when I found out I would be traveling to see them again. Plus, there is a really cute little girl here that loves me. She and I have been playing a lot, and she has been teaching me about her three favorite animals, dinos, wolves and sharks. But the best thing about this little girl is that she made me a special bed right next to hers and let me snuggle with all her favorite stuffed animals.

Lily, me and Piper-A few days later we went to Mastodon State Park where they found mammoth bones. Of course Piper and I dressed like twins, and we pretended to be twins the entire day. Someone even came up and asked us if we were twins. :) The mammoth bones and all of the exhibits were really interesting, and I was so glad to learn more about prehistoric animals in the Americas.

After the state park we still had lots of energy so we headed to the zoo (yep, in the same day!). The zoo in Missouri is awesome because it is really big! Right outside the gates they have this really pretty fountain with seals. One seal is even popping his head out of the water near the edge. He was so cute. Piper and I both really like seals, especially babies.

Isn't this a neat fountain?
Inside the zoo there was so much to look at. The elephant area was really neat, and they even have a baby elephant that was born last year. We saw a cool aquarium and also an awesome dinosaur exhibit! I'm really learning a lot about prehistoric animals on this trip.

And guess what is next? We are heading off to Kansas to spend a week on a lake! Piper and Lily promised me we could have a dock party with the girls.


felicityfan85 said...

That is awesome you're traveling again! I'm about to go to my 3rd host; I've been in KY visiting Bean and my pen pals there :) Have fun!

And-I can't wait to visit your guys in Feb!

Susanna and Isabel said...

Hi Violet and Piper
It looks like you are having lots of fun together. You look like twins but different, just like us. We're having fun pretending to be twins and fooling Molly. We can't wait to see more of your adventures.
Your friends, Susanna and Isabel