Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sleepovers with Piper

Why don't adults have sleepovers? They are so fun! I can't remember the last time my Mama or Daddy stayed up late telling stories, eating snacks, laughing and watching movies with their friends. These are the things Piper and I have been doing every night since I got here! A few nights Lily and Holly joined us, but mostly it has been just Piper and I. We sometimes pretend we are the twins in The Parent Trap, separated at birth, and now together again.

Wouldn't it be funny if Piper went home to my house and I stayed here for awhile, and we both tricked our parents? Sometimes that is what we giggle about the most, because Piper can't speak Russian at all, so nobody would be fooled. And I can't do magic like she can.

When I grow up I will still have sleepovers, I know it.


Hannah said...

Hi Violet and Piper! Hannah here. You're right, adults should be allowed to have sleepovers. Visit me at my blog: :-) See you there! Love, Hannah

Inky said...

Violet! I can't wait to have more sleepovers with you. You and Piper look like you're having tons of fun. Tell her I said hi- it was really cool to meet her when I was at your house this spring!

felicityfan85 said...

I still have sleepovers-and dollplay-with my friend, Jenny! And we're adults ;)

~Melissa aka felicityfan85