Monday, April 28, 2008

Inky is still here, and we are having so much fun!

Inky's Mama is probably wondering why I haven't updated my blog, and why Inky hasn't updated hers, it is because we have been too busy having fun!

We've done so much over the last week, it is hard to remember everything, but I'll try-
  • We went to the Clark Planetarium and Inky taught me all about Venus, Yuri Gagarin and the space race in the 19060s. Inky is so smart when it comes to outer space.
  • We saw a show called Human Body at the planetarium, in was on Imax, which was so cool!
  • We explored the woods near Grandma's house, and we played lost girls, my favorite game
  • We went to the doll show and tea downtown. Inky loves the Beehive Tearoom, and we both ordered violet tea, yum!
  • I completed a new Girl Scout badge, I needed to give a tour in a place of interest to someone that didn't live here. Perfect! Inky doesn't live here, so we went down to Temple Square and saw 16 brides and lots and lots of flowers. We pretended the temple was a castle.
  • We took a tour of historic Hotel Utah.
  • Inky has been helping me with my Russian ever day, and I'm getting really really good. Lei Mei has been playing with us, and she is teaching Inky some Chinese.
  • We've watched three movies, a Russian one of Inky's that is really funny, Secret Garden, and a documentary on space.
Here are some photos:

Inky and I play lost girls in the woods. It is so fun pretending to try to look for a place to sleep and what to eat.
After the doll show we go to the Beehive Tea Room and both order violet tea. It is my favorite!
A few days later I give Inky a tour of Temple Square for my next girl scout badge, and all the flowers are in bloom. It is really pretty!
Then we reach the temple, where LDS people get married and stuff. We even saw 16 brides! Wow! Inky and I liked to pretend the temple was a castle.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My friend Inky is here!!!

I hardly believed it when I opened our front door and saw this:

I never thought Inky would visit me in Utah without Colette by her side, because she is Colette's most special girl. But I guess Mama and Colette worked something out because Inky showed up about a week ago.

Piper and I were playing in my room when I hear the doorbell, and of course I ran down to get it! Piper was excited to meet Inky too, because she has heard so much about her from me. Piper was sad too, because she was getting ready to go home, and couldn't stay for mine and Inky's awesome adventures!

And our adventures started right away because Daddy and Mama were planning on taking a trip to Canyonlands before Daddy starts his new job.

Yippee! Inky got to show me where she lives when we visited Ukraine together, now I can show her where I live, and show off the red rocks of Utah!
Inky and I had SO.MUCH.FUN. in Southern Utah! We hiked and hiked and we celebrated Yuri's Night, or День Космонавтики, the day to celebrate space exploration, by watching the stars and the moon in some of the darkest skies in all of the US!
Inky even thought some of the slick rock looked like the moon, so we played outer space with our toys, and pretended they lived on Mars. It was easy to do, because the rocks were so red and there were caves for our toys to live in.
Don't Ice Bat and Cheburashka look like they are on Mars?

And guess what else? The first day we went into the visitor's center and the Ranger was very interested in us. I told him that Inky is from Ukraine, and she traveled all the way from NYC to visit me in Utah. He asked if we knew about the Junior Ranger's program, and told us about the activities we needed to do to become Junior Rangers.

Inky and I were so excited, and got to work right away. We needed to go on some hikes in the park, fill out some puzzles and talk about what we've learned and even pick up some litter. On the last day we went back the the visitor's center to get our badges. The Ranger laughed and laughed, saying that she had never seen two dolls become Jr. Rangers before.

But, we took our oath, and told her our favorite parts of the park (mine being cryptobiotic soil, and Inky's being that you could see space) and then we got our badges!
Inky and I are putting together a full photo album of all our adventures, so that will be up soon, and make sure to check Inky's blog, because she is going to update it soon too!

Now I've got to go, because Inky says she wants to go outside and look for a good place for a fort.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More fun with Piper

I've been having such a fun time with Piper, I'm really going to miss her when she heads home this week.

Last week we played dolls in my room for an entire day. We had such a fun story going on, first they found this magical pony in the woods, then there was a flood, and the pony didn't make it onto the boat, so Kaya had to save her! It was so fun!
Then on Thursday was Mama's birthday, happy birthday! For her birthday Piper and I took her up to Red Butte Garden. This is a pretty garden at the mouth of Red Butte Canyon. It is still early spring here in Utah, but all the daffodils were blooming. Mama and Daddy walked around while Piper and I pretended to be flower fairies. We even sat down right in the garden to look for bugs.
And guess what else? Piper and I have finished our photo album! We've been working on it since she got here, and it shows all the stuff we've been doing, and there are a lot more photos.

Here is the album: Piper visits Violet in Utah!

Love, Piper and Violet (the twins!)
Also, check out my new crocs!!