Friday, January 30, 2009

I have been just horrible about updating

Anna Lee is still here. We've done some much for the last two weeks, but I've been horrible about updating! We've had a New Year's Eve party with Lei Mei, we've played lots of games in my room, we've watched some movies and we celebrated the inauguration of President Obama! AND, guess what else? We are going to the farmhouse again tomorrow! Anna Lee is very excited because she knows what to expect. I will miss her when she heads back home next week.

Do you want to see our Obama ball? We watched the inauguration on TV and then danced and cheered for the rest of the night. We had such a fun time, and we dressed in beautiful outfits! Yea for Obama (and guess what else, Malia is almost exactly my age! Wouldn't it be fun to live in the White House and have your Mama or Daddy be president?)

We watched the entire inauguration in our ball gowns, it was so fun!
Yea yea yea for President Obama! Look at my new dresses, Anna Lee is borrowing a new gold dress Mama got me, and isn't my blue one beautiful?
And now that the inauguration is over, I've been working on a report about presidents in the USA for school (home school). I had to write about what having a new president means to me. It was a hard report. I wished Inky was here to help me, she is so smart when it comes to presidents and stuff.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend in the mountains

Anna Lee and I spent last weekend in the mountains with my entire family. We had such a fun time! Anna Lee said she'd never ever seen so much snow in her entire life, and I told her that other years there is even more!

We played lots of games and ate lots of tasty food while up there. Anna Lee thinks my family is crazy, she says my Daddy is so funny. I agree. Plus Grandma brought up a little Yeti she made out of felt, and she kept making the funniest voices for him.

Yesterday it was really sunny and Anna Lee and I went on a walk. The snow that was in the sun melted a little and had formed ice crystals! They were huge and everywhere. Neither of us had seen anything so pretty so for the rest of the day we played that we were ice princesses and the forest was our kingdom. We even pretended that we never got cold in the woods even though it was really cold out.

Here I am showing Anna Lee around the cabin. Even though it is cold outside it is toasty warm inside!
And here we are, the two princesses of the woods! Anna Lee's princess name was Blue Snow and mine was Winter Ice.
AND.... look what I got from Katie in the mail before I left?! A new nightshirt with my favorite character from Rainbow Brite, Shy Violet. Thank you Katie! I wore it this weekend and it was perfect!
And tomorrow I told Anna Lee I want to through a ball for inauguration. I can't wait. And remember that Anna Lee has a blog. Here is the link:

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Happy Birthday to me!!! On Tuesday it was my eleventh birthday, but I had my party today and it was so fun! Also, Anna Lee was here, so she got to come to my party. We had a spaghetti party and even made the spaghetti ourselves. Plus, I got the BEST presents! I'm working on an album that I want to share here, but I have to say I have the best parents and cousins and friends ever.

Here are some of the things I got-
1. Scrapbook paper set. I love to scrapbook all my travel photos, and I got an entire set for my crafts.
2. Under the bed organizer for all my toys
3. Note cards so I can write to all my friends
4. An aquarium!!! I've been begging Mama for a pet and Sophia and Abygale got my two fish and an aquarium. It is soooo neat!
5. A really pretty skirt I've been begging for
6. Fawn, a Pixie Hollow doll. She is my favorite, my second favorite is Silvermist. When you get a Pixie Hollow doll you can go online and check out their website, make houses, and of course watch parts of their movie.

Here are a few more photos to share, and make sure to check out my entire birthday album. Happy birthday to me!

Sophia and Jasmine helped make the spaghetti and fry the meatballs (I made the meatballs, getting my hands gooey in that meat was worth it though, the meatballs were good!)
Suzy made sure the bread was nice and hot!
The spaghetti tasted so yummy! Doesn't Anna Lee look like she is having a fun time?
Look at my new aquarium. I can't wait to name my fish. I think the yellow one will me Limone, which is the way you say Lemon in Italian.
And, if you don't know about Pixie Hollow you have to go to the website and watch the preview. The movie is so good!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Anna Lee Merced is here!

Guess what?!?! Anna Lee Merced is here all the way from Michigan. I met Anna Lee two years ago when I visited her house while traveling, and she loves to travel just as much as me! Guess what else? She loves the Merced river in Yosemite just as much as me! We've both been there and we've both played in it. We call ourselves the Yosemite sisters because we both really love Yosemite.

Anyway, Anna Lee came here to visit me for my birthday, which of course is in two days!! Yippee yipee yippeee! She said she had a very special birthday present to deliver, but her Mama's sewing machine broke right before she left. Poop. Anyway, she is very very excited for my party on Tuesday.

Right now I'm at the farmhouse with Anna Lee and it is COLD cold cold. Brrrr... We played outside with our animals a little earlier (she brought a bison that she bought in Yellowstone!) and I played with North. We soon got too cold, and now we are sitting near Old Betsy in the kitchen. Anna Lee asked why we named the coal stove Old Betsy, and I didn't know! I asked Daddy and he didn't know either, he said it has always been named Old Betsy, always.

Tonight we are going to stay up really really late and talk about our favorite National Parks. Anna Lee is just as crazy about National Parks as Inky and I! She's been to lots! Maybe more than me!

Here are some of my favorite photos we took today before our hands got too numb.

I showed Anna Lee the deer tracks in the yard. The deer love our yard and always sleep here!
And I showed Anna Lee where I always make forts under the trees. She agreed it was a very good fort location, and we decided to play with our toys here. (Anna Lee loves forts as much as I do!)
Isn't my hat neat? Auntie Jen made it for me last year, for my birthday. I love it and wear it almost all winter!
Buffy and North get to know each other. Buffy was more interested in munching on the tree than playing with North.
And guess who is coming down to the farmhouse later? Jasmine, Suzy and Abygale! Yea!

Oh, and before I forget, Anna Lee has a blog too, here is the link.