Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas has come and gone!

Boy, I have been so busy in Utah! People have asked me if I'm a big sister because they heard about a baby named James, and I have to say, no, I'm not a big sister. I'm an only child. That is the story Mama came up for me, and wants to keep it that way for awhile. :)

But, that said, there is a new baby in the house that is keeping everyone so busy that I haven't been able to blog much. I hope to improve that soon.

But, even with being busy with a baby, I had an awesome Christmas! I got everything I wanted! And guess what I really wanted and got? A Winter Wonderland Sleep-away trip for a Christmas/birthday present combo! What is that? It is a Girl Scout trip that they do every year where you go stay in a cabin, learn to snowshoe and ski, and play outdoors a lot. I spend an entire week there! Can't wait!

And, my birthday is only about a week away! I'll leave for camp soon after.

So what did I get? Only the best things ever!

Do you see my other main present?!
Snowshoes and a new snow outfit! PERFECT for my Winter Wonderland camp!
And my best friend Inky sent the neatest presents! A 2010 Olympic pin (Inky and I LOVE the Olympics) and a Cheburashka puzzle!
Daddy also got me a new camera! It is a digital and is really good.
Merry Christmas!