Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anna Lee left yesterday and I'm feeling a little sad

Anna Lee was here for over a month and I really got used to having my "Yosemite sister" so close. We had a sleep over every night, Anna Lee helped me with my home schooling (and Mama even gave her some assignments), and we've been playing fairies and winter princesses a lot. I'm really going to miss her now.

Anyway, while she was here we worked on a photo album. She wrote all the captions. I hope you like it!

Anna Lee Visits Utah

Love Violet

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentines!

Happy happy Valentine's my love! Who is my love? Ummm... the kitties, and Daddy and Mama. And my friends!

Anyway, Anna Lee is leaving tomorrow and so we decided to have a Valentine's Tea. Actually, Mama set it up for us and wouldn't allow us in the kitchen until everything was ready. Anna Lee and I both wore pink outfits with skirts. When we walked into the kitchen it was so pretty! The table had a lacy tablecloth and the white tea set was set up. We had cookies and chai with lots of sugar. Anna Lee and I had such a good afternoon. I'm going to miss her when she leaves tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Lunar (Chinese) New Year!

Oh my word, I am so late! Lunar New Year was weeks ago, and Lei Mei hosted such a wonderful party for Anna Lee and me. I feel just horrible about not posting photos yet.

Thank you Lei Mei for such a wonderful party, and bring on the year of the ox!

Lei Mei had such a pretty table set for us. Her Mama painted the walls red just this year! I told Mama I want my room red now!
Lei Mei knows how to brew tea and make rice perfectly. You always have a feast on New Years.
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back from the farmhouse, we had FUN!

Anna Lee is headed home soon, so I was so happy that she could join me at the farmhouse one more time. The weather was cold (but not as cold as last time) and the sky was blue. On Saturday we played Harry Potter UNO, colored in our coloring books and played outside. I wanted to show Anna Lee the barn down Gordon's Lane that is CREEPY!

On Sunday we went for a little drive and had fun looking for hawks and exploring the Spring City Cemetery. We found lots and lots of old graves. Some were really sad because they were kids, and some were from really old people. We hoped to see some bald eagles in the cemetery because they like to hang out there, but they were not there this time.

Anna Lee is excited to head back home because she has missed Katie and her sisters so much, but I'm going to really miss her here. I love having my Yosemite Sister so close by!

Isn't this hawk neat? Mama caught it on her camera right before it took off. She didn't realize she caught such a neat photo, she clicked the camera and the hawk was gone, she thought she'd missed him. She only realized later when she went back to look at the photos.
Here we are exploring the Spring City Cemetery. Notice the perfect blue sky! We saw this headstone and it looked really really old, and we were right! This person died in 1866.
Spring City Cemetery is one of the most pretty places near the farmhouse. We've gone there a lot of times in the summer but this was the first time in the winter. There were even a heard of deer that came and visited while we were there!