Friday, March 27, 2009

My spring walk

Mama and I have been dealing with spring snow this week, but today is partially sunny but still a little bit cold. We decided it would be a good day to put on our spring coats and go for a walk.

I brought along an empty Easter basket in hopes of filling it with things I found along the way that remind me of spring.
First I decide that any good spring basket needs to be filled with fresh green grasses, right?
Next I discover a tree that is beginning to sprout. I pull off just one sprout and add it to my basket.
Down near the river I gather some of the prettiest and roundest river stones that remind me of bird eggs and I add them too!
Along the walk we spot a beautiful shy hawk.
And I discover the first flowers of spring growing along a steep bank, yellow dandelions of course!
Happy spring! Enjoy your Easter basket!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring is slow coming

Last weekend we went to the farmhouse. I was so excited for a spring weekend, and we got that, sorta. Spring in Utah is always crazy, it can be beautiful one day and snowing the next. I was very very happy to see some green little grasses pushing up through the earth. It felt like spring was really truly here!

And guess what else? Easter is only a few weeks away! I LOVE Easter! I LOVE Spring!

Look look! Some little green weeds! I looked and looked for a leprechaun but didn't see one. Mama read me this story she wrote when she was my exact age about a leprechaun named Lindsay and I loved the story. I really wish I found one, to grant me my wishes.
The weeds are brown now but within a month or two there will be green ones sprouting everywhere.
And I played in the ditch across the street from the farmhouse. Daddy played here too when he was a boy.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Salt Lake

Yesterday I went to the Great Salt Lake for a report I am doing for home school. I had to pick one interesting thing about Utah and write a two page report, I picked the Great Salt Lake. It was a windy but clear day and Mama and Daddy said they would drive me for some "in person research". I've been to the Great Salt Lake before, when I was little. This time we looked at the salty sand and I found some cat prints in the mud. The lake has gone down a lot so we didn't walk all the way out to the water because the sand was too stinky. It was pretty though, in a really lonely way, maybe I'll write that in my report. Hopefully it will get warmer soon and we can go to other interesting Utah locations. My vote is Zion National Park in Southern Utah.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heber with Jasmine

Last weekend Mama and Daddy helped Aunt Chelsea move a piece of furniture in Heber. Since we had to drive up there anyway, we decided to make a whole day of it. Uncle Joe cooked a really really yummy dinner and Jasmine and I even got to try a sip of wine (it was not good!). While the adults were talking inside the house Jasmine showed me around outside. It was so pretty and not very cold. Jasmine is lucky to get to spend this much time in Heber with Chelsea and Joe, and explore. She said I should come back in the summer time and we could play in the clubhouse near the river. And the clubhouse even has a boat doc! Lucky!

Here are two photos, isn't the view awesome! This is the view from Uncle Joe's living room. Lucky! Also, check out my new shirt! Harry Potter rocks.