Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm in the Big Apple!


Hi everybody! It was a long trip, but today I arrived at Inky's apartment in the Big Apple- New York City. I sneaked up on Inky while she was playing in her fort. When she saw me, she ran up and give me a big hug. It's so nice to be together again; we haven't seen each other since last summer.


We took the elevator up to Inky's family's new apartment. Wouldn't it be fun to get to ride an elevator every day? Inky says it gets boring after a while, but I still think it's exciting. We grabbed our toys and talked for ages. Inky's new room is really nice.


It was really hot outside, so Inky and I stayed inside in the air conditioning. I really want to explore Inky's new neighborhood, but I had fun playing Connect Four with Inky. She even had purple pieces for me to use.


I'm really glad to be back with Inky. Spending time with friends is the best part of traveling. I can't wait to have a summer full of adventures with Inky.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You'll never guess where I'm going!

Guess where I'm headed???


I left today actually. I can't wait to see my best friend in the whole wide world again.

Did you know Inky is a totally awesome ballerina? Like a REAL ballerina, she goes to the School of American Ballet. Isn't that neat? She is going to be famous one day.

Anyway, she and her Mommies moved into a new apartment in New York and they wanted ME to be their first guest! I can't wait, especially since things here in Utah have been DUUULLLLLL. I've been working on my homeschooling a lot, and not doing much of anything else. I've been going to swim class and hiking club, but no travels, well until now!!!

I think Colette and Jen have some fun things in mind for Inky and I while I'm there. Colette always does the best stuff to make my stay super fun, and Inky has two of the cutest and funniest cats ever. Can't wait to see them again. And work on my Russian with Inky, since that is her first langauge.

See you soon in NYC!

Some photos of me playing in the backyard before I left today.
Queen of the world!