Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doll party!

On Saturday all the friends Mama has met on the doll boards decided to meet up for a party. I was so excited to go because lots of my friends were going to be there, even my traveling friend Sophie! Sophie speaks beautiful French and looks a little bit like me, so I was excited to meet her.

The party was held at such a pretty garden! All the girls and I explored everywhere! It was so fun to explore and play in the garden with all my friends, even Suzie came! Inside there was food and drinks and lots of fun things to see. Mostly I was just happy to be with Mama on a girl's outing.

Sophie and I found a swing that was just perfect for us!
Isn't the garden lovely?
All the roses were in bloom, even hundreds of pink ones!
I found a wonderful spot in the shade. Doesn't it look magical here? (Also, can you see my cute hair do?)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weekend with Mari

Do you remember Mari? She is my friend that I went to Thanksgiving Point with last fall. She is so silly and we have such a fun time together. This weekend Mari and I went with our Mama's up to a friend's cabin! It was so rainy, but I taught Mari that you can still have fun in the mountains in the rain. Mostly we played inside over the weekend, but finally the sky cleared up a little bit and we took a hike.

Mari and I love the woods in Utah! We like to pretend we are little squirrels and live outside even in the rain. But little squirrels also have dens, and they are warm and cozy!
We even spotted a squirrel on our walk, but he ran away to quickly to take a picture. We had to be extra quiet from then on...
Also the woods were FULL of wildflowers! Mari and I decided to pick some to share with Mama in the house. Aren't our bouquets beautiful?
Guess what else? Mari is working on growing her hair long! Can you tell it is longer than last fall? She says she wants it to be as long as mine, maybe even longer!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cabin in the rain

Mama and I took a girls trip up the cabin today with all the girls in my family! We got there and took a nice walk and cleaned up a little. When we were making lunch it started to rain, and rain, and rain. Grandma's doggy Willow could hear the thunder and started getting really scared and was shaking. I was trying to tell Willow it was okay, he's so funny.

After we had hot chocolate the rain cleared up just a little. I explored near the meadow and looked at all the yellow wildflowers covered in raindrops. And then it started to rain again! We all decided we were too cold and we came home. Now I'm warm in my PJs in my room, and of course it is raining outside!
There is even snow still up at the cabin in places. Isn't that amazing?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Grand Canyon & Inky

Mama has been talking to Colette a lot lately. Daddy is out of town and so is Jen, so Colette and Mama are so bored they've been talking on the phone a lot! Inky says she is really sorry about my Christmas and birthday presents, but they are coming soon!

Anyway, Mama told Colette that we were going to the Grand Canyon in July, and she invited Inky along! Can you believe that??? I'll have my best friend back in Utah for a visit, and not only that, we'll go on an awesome trip together.

Inky even says she *might* get me a bigger present from her favorite store in NYC, but I don't know what it is, and Mama won't say. I can't wait!