Monday, June 30, 2008


I love frogs. And I love the cabin. And I love sleeping outdoors.

We went to the cabin last weekend and the meadow was full of frogs! They were so noisy and cute, I loved to catch them and look at them. I was always super careful though, and always put them back. Daddy said that I shouldn't move them, because they might miss their girlfriends. :)

You have to be very still and very quiet when you look for frogs.
This year the meadow was really really flooded. There were mini rivers and ponds everywhere which made lots and lots of good places for the frogs to hide. Today I'm writing a report on frogs.

When doing my research I found this-
Here is a list of some of the different ways people think frogs sound around the world!
Afrikaans: kwaak-kwaak
Arabic (Algeria): gar gar
Catalan: cru�-cru�
Chinese (Mandarin): guo guo
Dutch: kwak kwak
English (USA): ribbit
English (GB): croak
Finnish: kvak kvak
French: coa-coa
German: quaak, quaak
Hebrew: kwa kwa
Hungarian: bre-ke-ke
Italian: cra cra
Japanese: kerokero
Korean: gae-gool-gae-gool
Russian: kva-kva
Spanish (Spain): cru�-cru�
Spanish (Argentina): berp
Spanish (Peru): croac, croac
Swedish: kvack
Thai: ob ob (with high tone)
Turkish: vrak vrak
Ukrainian: kwa-kwa

Aren't they cute? They are really slimy and fast, but I finally caught one!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Update on the summer

I have been busy with school work and crafts this summer. Because I am not traveling as much, I've been working on a lot of reading and ballet. Also, I go to swim classes twice a week.

Yesterday I worked on a shadow box for the seashells I found in Grand Cayman. I think it turned out really well, and now it is hanging in my room.

I don't have too many big trips planned, next weekend I might go to the cabin, but I don't know. Mama and Daddy are going to NYC to see their friend Ben, but they say it is an adult vacation. Poop.

Also Daddy is going to Japan in late July, and I'm begging and begging him to go. Mama has been helping me, but Daddy says no. Darn it, I really wanted to go to Japan.

Well Sophia just called, I think we are going to go to the pool! Bye!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

School and Ruthie

Since we got back from the Caribbean I have been busy finishing my school year. Because I'm home schooled, I don't really ever stop learning, but most of my assignments are done until next fall. That means I can spend the summer working on my Chinese, Russian and Italian, some of my favorite subjects.

And guess what else? There is a new girl living down the road here. She is so funny, her name is Ruthie, and she is from the 1930s. Kit has been talking and talking about Ruthie for ages, she is going to flip to see that Ruthie is here when she gets back from her Aunt Millie's.

Welcome to Utah Ruthie!

The first day she arrived Rachel and I threw her a party. We all dressed as 1930s girls and enjoyed the sunshine in the back yard.