Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jamaica Bay with Inky


Today I went to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge with Inky. Jamaica Bay is a unit of the Gateway National Recreation Area- a National Park! I had been before, on other visits to see Inky. (You can see a previous entry about it here.)  Today, we wanted to see the West Pond breach.  A few weeks before I came to New York City in the fall, there was a big hurricane- Hurricane Sandy.  In the hurricane, the West Pond was breached and filled with sea water. Inky and I wanted to see the breach.  It was really big! The pond had gotten a lot bigger too. You can see me here looking at a goose- the part of the pond where the goose is used to be dry land.  We really learned a lot about our changing world.  

In this photo, you can see Jamaica Bay behind me.  See the buildings in the background? That is the community of Broad Channel. It suffered a lot of damage during the hurricane, sadly.

There used to be fencing along the bay side of the path, but much of it is gone now. The fences, the explanatory signs, and the benches were all washed away in the hurricane.  It really was an amazing sight, seeing everything that had changed since my last visit.

After we hiked back to the Visitor Center, Inky and I took a picture of ourselves sitting up against the wall.  I had a good time at Jamaica Bay; the power of nature is amazing!